New Construction Lift Consultants

Our powerful lift system modelling tools adds value by identifying the most space-efficient lift solutions.

Modernisation & Refurbishment

Our AdInspect in-field tablets combined with the expertise of our lift consultants offers the highest quality solutions.

Maintenance Management Lift Consultants

Our AdMaintain web application provides the most cost-effective, complete “real time” solution.

Facade Access

Complete “in house” design expertise ensures safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions are delivered.

Surveys & Inspections

Our Adinspect mobile application enables consistently high quality surveys covering over 300 points to be swiftly undertaken.

Cover standard of maintenance, equipment performance and compliance with safety as well as equality of access standards.

Expert Witness

Combining our design, technical and commercial understanding to help resolve and settle disputes.

The Lift Consults Room

Ask a question of our resident expert!

Our Lift Consultants Offer a Wealth of Experience.

Movveo (formerly Lerch Bates) has been giving expert advice in the short range transportation of people and materials for over 35 years. Every lift consultant at Movveo is trained to the highest standard within the industry.

Movveo’s (Formerly Lerch Bates) Lift Consultants Specialise in Many Areas

We are able to offer our lift consultancy services in a wide range of subject areas in our niche. Whether it be project management, new construction, modernising/ refurbishing, maintenance management, materials handling, horizontal transport and much more; our lift consultants are seasoned professionals in doing things the most effective way.

Movveo’s Credentials

As a result of the years of dedicated work Movveo has undertaken, we have achieved a number of accreditations and awards as recognition of our expertise in lift consultancy. We have worked on some of the world’s most prestigious projects, such as the Shard in London and Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid in Abu Dhabi. Not only have we been a part of many ground-breaking projects, but we are also innovating within the industry, striving to develop new ways of working and improving on current processes.

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