Florence TAV Station

Designed by Foster & Partners the new Florence station provides a totally new transportation interchange that connects the city’s existing Santa Maria Novella station via a new tramline. As part of the creation of a new high-speed rail network, the Italian Government has undertaken a major programme of station resfurbishing as well as the design of several completely new stations.

The platform level in the new station is 25 metres below ground. Passengers move from platform to ground level via lifts or escalators. Between the platform level and the street are two levels of shops, while a terrace at street level provides a view over the tracks and trains arriving and departing.

MovvéO (formerly Lerch Bates) was invited to join the extensive team associated with the planning and design of the new station. The scope of work included providing a concept report on the pedestrian access to and from the station platforms involving the use of unusual design moving walkways and supporting lift services. The special platform locations below the ground level and the length of the moving walkways presented a design challenge which MovvéO in conjunction with a major manufacturer were able to meet.

The completed specification package for the moving walkways, escalators, passenger and goods lifts was one of the most complex undertaken by MovvéO and one of which we are enormously proud.