Goods Lifts

Shuttle and Local Goods Lifts for Super Tall Towers

From a planning perspective CIBSE Guide D recommends that one goods or service elevator be provided for every 40,000 sq m of gross office space. In a super tall tower this can equate to six to eight service lifts. To arrange all these goods lifts to serve from the main lobby or basement delivery area would take a very large amount of core space out of the building.

Just as the passenger lifts in super tall buildings have, for many years, been arranged as shuttle and local service from a skylobby so, for efficiency purposes, Movveo has developed planning capabilities such as to arrange skylobbies for materials and waste handling in such buildings. Instead of all the service lifts for every sector of a multi-use building having to serve the main floor or delivery bay of the building a small series of shuttle goods lifts can be installed that spend most of their time travelling non-stop up and down the building to and from a small number of materials handling sky lobbies located at strategic upper floors of the building. Studies on goods and waste handling enable volumes to be assessed and then the correct ratio of local to shuttle goods lifts arrived at to ensure smooth, efficient operations in “back of house” areas.

The diagram opposite is indicative of how such an approach can be developed. At the main lobby only two local service lifts and three “express” or “shuttle” service lifts appear. Other local service lifts are provided within the uppermost hotel and club floors as well as within two upper sectors of the office floors of the building.

For more information about devising a successful plan for goods and waste handling in your building please contact us to learn more.