Gravity Lift

An extremely low cost form of transportation has been invented whereby passenger cabins would travel down a simple hanging rope under gravity. The descent speed of the cabins is however controlled by use of a “retarder” circuit. A simple steel rope has extruded steel sections threaded on to it that contain permanent magnets and the upper running surface for the suspension rollers. The retarder circuit, including the windings of the coil which travel in close proximity to the magnets on the track, is carried “on board” the cabin.

The “retarder” circuit can also be used as a “generator” to charge up on board batteries powering lighting and communications etc.

When cabins arrive at a station passengers can disembark and the cabins are then lifted to a higher level using a conventional lift with an overhead rail installed within it. Passengers board cabins at the higher level of the station and disembark at the lower level of the station. Because of the guaranteed speed of descent multiple cabins can travel around the system and be despatched at regular intervals or according to demand. Such a system could be used to link buildings or provide new transport solutions for situations in which relatively low demand low cost solutions are required.

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