Time Shared Lifts

Using the Same Lifts for Different Building Uses at Different Times

The current “state of the art” in terms of lift system control means today it is possible to use office lifts in the evening to service hotel, apartment or public viewing/club facilities. The traditional approach has been to identify unique and separate vertical transportation elements for each sector or use of the building. It is clear that this has a “space take” penalty whereas “time sharing” lifts clearly offers the opportunity to reduce the total vertical transportation “space take”. In the recent planning of a 600m 130m super tall tower ten shuttle lifts were used for shuttling both office users and hotel and residential users. Depending upon demand the control system will despatch “empty” double deck cars to serve either the hotel/residential lobbies or the office lobbies from whence it will deliver passengers to the requisite upper sky lobby. The allocation of shuttles to each role will be monitored and controlled automatically to satisfy “real time” demand which will be measured by reading security cards for each user group approaching the lobby.

Because peak demands for lift service to upper office floors, hotel, apartments and public viewing facilities etc are not coincident in either time or direction there is now the opportunity, using more sophisticated control systems, to make use of the same lifts to serve different user groups in the building at different times. For instance business hotels usually experience their busiest periods early evening after most people have left the commercial office space in the same building. By switching lifts from serving office users to dealing with hotel guests or evening public entertainment events much greater value is obtained from the same lifts with correspondingly less core space take since dedicated lifts to deal with the peak traffic periods for each separate sector are no longer required.