Vertrak – High Speed Linear Motor Driven Lifts

This is a potentially revolutionary and truly disruptive product for the vertical transportation industry. This “new generation” product will enable multiple elevators to travel in a single shaft thereby dramatically reducing the number of lift shafts presently required in a tall building and thereby increasing its development value.

Vertrak drives multiple elevator cars vertically using a linear motor for both up and down travel. Each lift car, fitted with doors to the front and back, is transferred, at the top and bottom of a common shaft using a novel “switch” (“patent pending”) to reverse direction of travel. Thus, multiple cars can safely and reliably circulate continuously in a common shaft with all the advantages of a significant increase in handling capacity.

➢ A simple yet innovative terminal “switch” that keeps the cars on the track at all times.
➢ A “sensor-less” drive control of a permanent magnet synchronous linear motor that is an order of magnitude better than is available in the industry today for efficient motor starting and speed
➢ An “intelligent” global control algorithm to operate Destination Hall Call, that will minimise passenger waiting times as well as energy management and consumption.
➢ Unique automatic deceleration control system for emergency stop at high speed in the “up”
➢ Special linear motor design feature that allows fail-safe slow speed descent of the car under gravity in the event of loss of power.

With respectively 60% and 30% less elevator shafts required when compared to conventional single or double deck lifts once Vertrak is available as a reliable product ready to be delivered to the market, the argument for its selection and installation becomes overwhelming.

Application Advantages
➢ Multi-mobile cyclic design dramatically reduces space take adding to development value.
➢ Modular design saves time and money on installation.
➢ Increased ‘handling capacities’ and reduced ‘passenger waiting times’.
➢ Use of advanced composite materials reduces weight and overall energy requirements
➢ Ropeless design removes direct access height restrictions of conventional elevators.