Scottish National Portrait Gallery

National Galleries of Scotland have begun a new project “Portrait of the Nation” at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.
The gallery was originally opened in 1889 and was designed by Architect, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson. The aim of the new project is to restore and reveal much of Anderson’s work within the building and to show many more works of art than are currently on display. The development of the gallery as a first-class visitor experience is paramount to NGS as the original gallery was a gift to the Scottish people.

The project architects, Page/Park, needed a way of opening the gallery to visitors as they pass through. This is being achieved with the design of a bespoke glass lift running through the core of the gallery.

MovvéO (formerly Lerch Bates) has worked with Page/Park since the early design conception to bring a lift that is not only functional in terms of moving people and artefacts but, as it has three sides and the roof completely made from glass, also provides the perfect viewpoint as it moves slowly through the gallery. This exciting project is partnered with project managers Gardner & Theobald, constructors Bam and quantity surveyors Davis Langdon.