Our Expertise

Providing expertise in the field of “moving people and materials short range” is what Movveo is all about. This expertise is delivered through the knowledge and experience of our lift consultants, facade access consultants, materials handling consultants and many other consultants who are specialists within their given fields. None of our consultants are generalists, each is a specialist.

Lift Consultants working within Movveo handle over 600 projects annually. At one end of the spectrum of our work is the client who simply wants to know what their options are for modernising the lift in their nursing home. At the other extreme we are retained by clients to undertake the detailed planning, specification and oversight of delivery of the vertical transportation systems for new high rise towers that will change the skyline of a city.

For us each project and each client is special. Smaller projects with a limited budget may often require the greatest amount of imaginative effort. There is always the appreciation for small details, well done, which every craftsman feels and understands.

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