Maintenance Management

As the first consultants to ever offer a maintenance management service for lifts in the early 1990’s we have continued to innovate and develop our services in this field.

The services we offer revolve around the use of bespoke applications using web technologies and mobile phones developed using our own “in house” resources.


Our AdMaintain web application provides the most cost-effective, complete “real time” solution to maintenance management. The many features and functions of AdMaintain enable us to offer a unique cost-effective service to our clients who can benefit from our investment in technology.

The general scope of our services within this specialist area are outlined below. The keynote of our service revolves around ensuring the safety and availability of equipment on an ongoing basis.

Associated services in this field include a check on the standard of maintenance being upheld on your equipment, see Maintenance Audits and putting a better maintenance contract in place for you, see Comprehensive “Performance Related” Contracts

Scope of Consulting Services for MM and SAFE


Below we set out the consulting services available to clients via our two maintenance management offerings. The first of these, the “MM” service (see right hand column of the Support Plans in the table below) describes the components of our standard maintenance management service.

The “SAFE” service (see left hand column of the Support Plans in the table below) describes the components of our newly- introduced, enhanced maintenance management service which utilises “Touchdown” our unique “real time” solution to data handling direct from sites using NFC technology and mobile “smartphones”.

The “Yes” or “No” entries below indicates the respective presence or absence of each element of the two services.

MM and SAFE Maintenance Management Consulting Services

Movveo will supply the following operational, management and technical support to you in connection with your Vertical Transportation equipment covered by our Agreement.

These services assume that certain tasks have been completed in advance of the commencement of these maintenance management services e.g. agreement of Contract with selected Contractor, installation of Touchdown site and equipment plaques on site, etc. Our specific roles and responsibilities for this service are set out below.

Technical Support
Provide a “technical helpdesk” to answer your technical questions regarding the equipment covered by this Agreement by telephone and/or email including assistance to resolve incidents of multiple breakdowns etc. Yes Yes
On-Line Access to Information
Provide a web-based on-line database system that holds all of the information relating to the site(s) and the equipment covered by this agreement. Provide a secure single user login account password etc to the on-line system. Yes Yes
We will hold a quarterly review meeting with you and the Contractor(s) to document the performance of the Contractor relative to the service levels and KPI’s defined in the contract and minute the meeting with action items for all parties as required. Yes Yes
Service levels and KPI’s may include, as appropriate, outstanding defects, risk assessments and supplementary test certificates, unit availability, confirmed maintenance visits, etc. Yes Yes
Central Point of Contact
We will provide a named “account manager” who will act as a single point of contact for all technical matters relating to the equipment covered by this contract. Yes Yes
We will set up direct communication with the statutory inspection agencies and contractor(s) to liaise with them. Yes Yes
Maintain Asset Listing
We will maintain and regularly update the client’s asset list of equipment with all data available. Yes Yes
Agree Limitations of Authority to Act on behalf of Client
We will agree with you what instructions we may/may not provide to Contractors on your behalf. Yes Yes
Management of Statutory Inspections
Receive statutory inspection reports (LOLER or equivalent), electronically from the relevant service provider and place on the online database. Yes Yes
Carry out a technical review of the content of each report. Yes Yes
Categorise defects for action as either covered by contract or subject to additional cost. Yes Yes
Monitor timely clearance of defects by the Contractor. Yes Yes
Equipment running without a valid LOLER shall be notified to the client on a timely basis. Yes Yes
Defects subject to additional cost will be sent to the client with recommendation and price. Yes Yes
Plant Not Available (PNA) reports will be passed to you, as applicable, for your action. Yes Yes
Health & Safety Equipment Upgrades
Any safety defects noted within the Statutory Inspection report(s) not covered by our approved, pre-authorised and pre-priced safety items list will be forwarded to you with an approved quotation for the work for your consideration. Yes Yes
Provide guidance on the necessity, timing and cost of health and safety upgrade works as noted from LOLER reports, quotations from Contractor(s) or maintenance audits. Yes Yes
If you authorise the work to proceed we shall arrange for the Contractor to carry out this work. Yes Yes
Management of Supplementary Tests and Certificates
Monitor that the requisite recommended supplementary safety tests and issue of associated certificates e.g. LG/1, etc. are undertaken by the Contractor. Yes Yes
Upload the safety certificates to the online database Yes Yes
Cost Management
Validate, record and pass to you for payment all fixed price contract and variable work invoices received from the Contractor. Yes Yes
Contractor invoices will be checked, challenged, rejected, credit notes sought as appropriate to ensure only bona fide invoices for works at pre-agreed prices are paid for. Yes Yes
Savings made through our intervention are also recorded. Yes Yes
Seek credit notes for penalties where service levels are not met. Yes Yes
Upload all invoice and credit note details to online database. Yes Yes
Invoices and quotations for all works outside the contract will be vetted as to compliance with contract rates and industry accepted timescales and pricing levels. Yes Yes
Management of Risk Assessment(s)
Check the Contractor has issued appropriate risk assessments and method statements for each site and each equipment installation covered by the contract. Yes Yes
Upload the risk assessments to the online database. Yes Yes
Rolling Capital Expenditure Plan
Once the asset register has been created and the age of the equipment has been determined, a draft future capital expenditure plan will be created. Yes No
Upon completion of maintenance audits the plan will be updated with more detailed and accurate budget forecasts. Yes No
Maintenance Audits
Provide a standard report for each unit of equipment that provides the following as a minimum:

  • Details basic equipment asset data
  • Reports upon the standard of maintenance being upheld by the Contractor
  • Confirms approximate likely future budget expenditure for modernisation, upgrading, etc.
  • Lists itemised defects and deficiencies for the Contractor to attend to.
Yes No
“Real Time” Reporting
Report on actual maintenance visits made versus planned. Yes No
Report on actual maintenance hours spent on each unit. Yes No
Report on response times to breakdowns, passenger trappings and defects. Yes No
Report on “downtime” for each unit. Yes No

Additional Services

The following services can be instructed and provided for an additional fee.

Site Visits – where required, due to multiple breakdowns, works requiring inspection or some other site related matter we will request one of our consultants visit site to address the matter.

Survey & Report – Carry out a detailed survey of the equipment and present a report detailing modernisation options, timescales and budget costs.

Modernisation Specifications – Provide a complete “performance based” specification.

Project Management – Manage and oversee modernisation works.

LOLER statutory inspections.

Emergency passenger release training.

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