SAFE Management Programme

SAFE – Improves the Safety, Availability and Functionality of your Elevators

What is the SAFE Maintenance Management Programme?

SAFE offers a completely new approach to the maintenance management of elevators and escalators using our Touchdown™ NFC phone technology and an on-line database all operating in “real time”.

Why a new approach?

These are just some of the day to day problems that confront building owners and facilities managers:

  • Insufficient time spent maintaining equipment
  • Increasing levels of breakdowns
  • Compromised standards of safety
  • Increasing incidents of unplanned repairs
  • Delayed availability of spare parts
  • No concern over functionality of equipment at user interface
  • Poor responsiveness to client needs and requests
  • Service delivery not planned to suit building operations
  • No tangible or measurable performance measurements
  • Reduced equipment life expectancy due to lack of maintenance

How is the SAFE Programme delivered?

  • Using today’s affordable and sophisticated smartphones
  • Service providers register and download the application for no cost
  • Uniquely coded NFC plaques are fitted to building reception points and equipment
  • Defects found by undertaking audits fed back to a centralised database in real-time
  • On-site NFC plaques enable collection of response times and maintenance visit data
  • Defects, breakdowns can be reported via smart phone app to receive ETAs to fix, etc.


How is this achieved? By using “transparency of service delivery” that today’s internet enables including:

  • Real time management of defects, maintenance visits, “downtime” and equipment availability
  • Frequent independent equipment audits
  • Linkage to a range of measurable and demanding KPIs
  • A performance-related maintenance contract, and
  • Making the “SAFE” on-line dashboard available to all parties

As you have just seen, implementing SAFE offers a level of protection that’s not present in a conventional lift system maintenance management programme. If you’d like to see more of the detail of SAFE’s protection, please follow the link to Maintenance Management

Otherwise please read on…

Why use Movvéo?

  • We’re the only supplier of Touchdown™ technology (pat. pending) – which allows all information to be captured in “real time”
  • £1.5m has been invested in our powerful maintenance management application
  • We have a unique “smart” phone audit application
  • You can benefit from our 15 years’ experience of providing maintenance management
  • We have a proven track record of achieving value for clients with thousands of units under management
  • Widespread coverage – Lift and escalator consultants in local offices across the UK, Europe and beyond
  • And best of all…

On average our performance related maintenance contracts achieve a minimum of 20 percent savings (including our fees) on your spend.

SAFE System benefits summary

  • Improved maintenance standards protect your investment in the equipment
  • Increased availability minimises disruption to buildings and tenants
  • Greater emphasis on safety protects all users in your buildings
  • Proper equipment performance enhances the user experience and protects your brand image
  • Improved communications reduces admin time your staff need to spend on lift and escalator issues

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