New Construction

Lift System Design

This is the one discipline, more than any other, in which our organisation excels. The depth of experience of our lift engineers/consultants coupled with the firm’s extensive expertise in lift system design, as an independent organisation, is simply unparalleled. Each lift engineer on our staff averages over 25 years’ experience in their disciplines and over 15 years of association working with Movveo.

The lift system, including escalators, within a building is very often some of its most visible and highly utilised equipment. Their performance and reliability is a crucial part of the building’s operational viability both for tenants and visitors alike.

Movveo combines expertise in engineering design and technology with years of practical experience to ensure our clients receive the best possible advice and direction for the design and management of their vertical transportation systems.

We have been involved in many projects requiring special equipment applications. Indeed, over the years, we have pioneered radically new solutions for our clients to meet their specific needs and aspirations often setting new trends in design and specification for our industry.

Not every project can be the world’s tallest building or that iconic skyscraper that becomes the symbol for a city. In fact, smaller projects with a limited budget often require a greater amount of imaginative effort to realise the right solution.

For us, each project and each client is special. Reaching beyond technical competence, we often add that vital yet elusive element, ‘ingenuity’, which requires the imagination to visualise the heart of a problem, to evaluate alternative solutions and then to execute the most cost-effective solution that meets all the projects’ requirements.

New Developments

Our “in house” engineering capabilities include calculation and simulation progams, fully experienced CAD engineering drafting capability, specialised measurement tools and other facilities that give us a complete design capability under our own roof. This capability enables us to respond very quickly to the needs of an architect and other members of the design team. All our designs are “generic” meaning that the design dimensions, structural and electrical loads will be suitable for any manufacturer’s equipment ensuring that competitive tenders can be assured. Some examples of our work can be seen here.

Each project will have a number of consultants involved in it over its lifecycle. We will ensure you always have a consultant with the right level of expertise and experience commensurate with the scale and complexity of the project in hand.