Surveys & Inspections

Our Adinspect site inspection tablets enable consistently high quality inspections, audits and surveys to be delivered within minutes of completing our equipment survey. We actually use the sensors in the tablets to take a range of important measurements including light lux levels and noise levels as well as acceleration and vibration levels etc.

We offer a wide array of types of audits, surveys and inspections which we conduct on equipment on behalf of clients. Listed below are some of the more common types.

Equipment Acquisition Surveys

Before investors and institutions purchase buildings they may wish to obtain a professional opinion on the status of the lift or façade access equipment. Does the equipment comply with current safety standards? Is it operating reliably? Will modernisation, upgrading or refurbishment of the equipment be required in the short or medium term? What might such works cost? These are all questions that we can answer by undertaking an equipment acquisition survey.

Modernisation Surveys

Clients are often faced with major questions about the potential need for modernisation of equipment due to many reasons often including major deficiencies in safety standards, equipment reliability or performance, equipment obsolescence or change of building use. A modernisation survey will take a careful look at all the equipment and ascertain the current condition and suitability of equipment components for upgrading or reuse. Additionally the standard of maintenance being upheld will be ascertained as well as identifying the equipment life expectancy, health and safety deficiencies, equipment reliability, equipment performance, safety component certification, risk assessments, statutory inspection reports, maintenance contract coverage and service visits, maintenance deficiencies and future budget expenditure that may be required for modernisation or upgrading. The suitability of reusing existing equipment and its performance versus complete replacement of the equipment is also addressed.

Equipment Site Progress Inspections

For many clients and contractors it may be difficult to ascertain the true progress of equipment installation during construction or modernisation and whether that progress is meeting the agreed programme. Our consultants can verify and document this progress on a regular basis to keep all parties independently informed of progress being made by inspecting the status of equipment delivered, installed, connected and tested. Defects observed during the site visit can also be passed to the Contractor for immediate rectification.

Equipment Acceptance Inspections

Before a new or modernised piece of equipment is placed into service it is usually advisable to have an acceptance inspection undertaken. This will identify if the equipment has been properly installed, is compliant with relevant safety standards and specifications set and operating in accordance with specified performance parameters. A list of specific defects will be generated for the Contractor to address as part of their works contract.