Hongliang Liang

Senior Design Manager

Hongliang has over 18 year’s experience in the field of Vertical Transportation during which time he has worked in a variety of positions such as design, installation, quality control, lift inspection, service, product development, modernisation and full replacement.

After graduating from Nanjing Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute, Hongliang joined Zhuhai Chang-Fat Elevator Engineering Company, an Agent for Mitsubishi (Hong Kong) in the Zhuhai and Zhongshan regions. Hongliang also worked for local Government as a qualified inspector for one year; this offered him further chances to enrich his expertise in comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different makes of lifts and escalators. In 1996 Hongliang founded a lift company and in 2000 he implemented the company as Agents for Toshiba Elevator (Shengyang) Co, Ltd in  Zhuhai.

Hongliang came to the UK in 2001, and obtained a MSc Engineering Design and his Management degree at Huddersfield University in 2003; Incorporated Engineer accreditation with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in 2010 and Charted Engineer accreditation with the Institute of Building Service Engineers in 2017.

He joined Quality Lift Product Ltd as a product development engineer and introduced Chinese escalators into the UK market, as well as providing training for sales and service staff. In addition, Hongliang helped their sister company, Sprint EV in France, to design and develop a lift controller. In 2004 he successfully delivered a conceptual design for a machine room-less (MRL) lift for Otis’ London Underground Project, which lead to a contract of manufacturing around 120 lifts. He joined ThyssenKrupp Elevator UK (TKE UK) in 2007 as product development engineer, where he designed the modernisation product packages and strategies for TKE UK. In 2008, he designed and developed three detailed 3D MRL lift models for International Lift Equipment Ltd.

In December 2008 Hongliang joined KONE PLC as project (design) engineer for Full Replacement and Modernisation. During the five and a half years he spent at Kone, he worked on numerous commercial, residential and hospital full replacement and modernisation projects in the South of England, The Midlands and Greater London.

Hongliang joined MovvéO (formerly Lerch Bates) in 2014 as Design Engineer in the New Development department. His work is concerned with all aspects of vertical transportation design, responsible for providing supporting design for major projects in London, Europe, Middle East and Asia.