Krzysztof Zienowicz

Systems Development Director

Krzysztof Zienowicz has over 10 years experience of software development. He has worked as a senior programmer developing CAD and building engineering software, and multimedia software, for both the German and Polish markets.

In 2001, he joined the biggest company dealing with digital cartographic publications on the Polish market as a Senior GIS Engineer. For this company, he designed a Geo-database for storing all the information required for publishing both paper and digital maps, and implemented GIS software. He was also a main developer in one of the biggest mobile mapping systems (MMS) in Europe, which was later also implemented for the US market.

Krzysztof has worked with MovvéO (formerly Lerch Bates) since 2008 as a contractor, joining the company full-time in 2010 as Systems Development Director, responsible for the design and implementation of the simulation engine for MovvéO’s lift system simulation project.

Krzysztof graduated with a BSc (with first class honours) in Computer Science and MSc (with distinction) in Electrical Engineering. He is currently completing his PhD in Computing at Kingston University.